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Data Visualization using React JS

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

React JS is among the top-most three Java Script libraries used by the professional developers. Some of the important benefits of React JS are as follows for building user interfaces:

  • It’s open-source, lightweight and SEO-friendly.

  • It’s suitable for scalable and high-performance apps because of the presence of virtual DOM,

  • Not so steep learning curve.

  • Writing custom components is a mostly painless process as the system components are highly reusable.

  • React components are updated efficiently.

  • The React JS developer community is active.

All these facts make React JS library one of the best for building high-quality graphical user interfaces.

Data Analysis using React JS

Many times it's a necessity to enhance an application with analytical and data visualization features to get insights from the data.

Agilytics presents the review of libraries for React JS, which can be easily embedded into a website or an app.

It is the system of reusable React components for creating charts. These are stylish as well as interactive components.The animation is really smooth. Starting a data visualization project is straightforward. You just need to import the Victory library into the project, add the data and embed a component into the web page.

Histogram with slider

It is a library that offers an extensive collection of charts for React JS applications. The components work similarly to plain React JS components.

Force-directed Graph

Charting tools are useful when created independently but these become awesome if connected to the aggregated data. Therefore, it is incredible if charts and pivot tables are combined together in a form of a dashboard.

Following are the tools which can help to create reports directly in the React JS project: -

WebDataRocks Pivot Table

It is JavaScript pivot table component which is compatible with React and other frameworks. It supports connection to remote/local JSON and CSV data sources. It can be completely customized.


Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts

It is an advanced pivot table component and an extended version of WebDataRocks. It serves as an embedded BI (Business Intelligence) tool for start-ups and enterprise-level projects.


There is a variety of available data sources like CSV, JSON, OLAP cubes, SQL/NoSQLdata, and Elasticsearch.

We recommend these solutions for showcasing the business data in the form of recurring or one-off reports. Also, it’s a great idea to visualize the data with the embedded charts or integrate a pivot table with the third-party charting libraries.

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