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At Agilytics we have always been fascinated by charts and graphs. We specialize in preparing Smart Data Visualization dashboards.

Only within a couple of days of secured access to your data, Agilytics data team will be able to create self speaking data dashboards enabling you to take data-driven business decisions.


Some specific types of Business Analytics (BA) include:

A. Descriptive analytics, which follows key performance indicators to deduce the present state of a business;

B. Predictive analytics, which analyzes data-trend to assess the likelihood of future outcomes;

C. Prescriptive analytics, which uses past data to generate recommendations about how to respond to similar situations in the future.



For infrastructure consultant companies Agilytics has developed a product to carry out data analytics for CV Search. The application parses the CV in HTML format from the Government supported site, extract the information in the desired format. Finally it assigns marks to CVs as result by comparing requirements in the RFP documents. 

agilytics CV Search Product
Data Analytics for CV Search

As a part of RFP, infrastructure consultant companies have to look for candidates available



The RFP procedure has to meet multiple requirements for which proposed candidates are assigned marks based on criteria defined in the RFP Guidelines.

The main objective of this application is to select most appropriate candidates for a given RFP based on their location, qualification, experience, nature of assignment, designation and availability.

The application is important for the company as in the present scenario; company deploys many human resources to look for the CVs which is a tedious process which leads to human errors also in some cases. Sometimes, company suffers revenue loss in case of wrong matching or delay in finding appropriate candidates due to manual process.

This application parses the CV in HTML format from the Government supported site, extract the information in the desired format, stores it in the database; further information is processed in order to make it handy for RFP requirement.

Further based on multiple requirements of the RFP, information is fetched using complex database queries, based on the output the marks are assigned to the consultants which help in ranking them.

Text Mining is used in order to seek information hidden in different text description in the CV.

agilytics Web Application

Sites, buildings, plots etc are the entities that make Real Estate but there is only one thing that matters in each one of them i.e. ‘Location’. Location is always one of the determining factors influencing property value in Real Estate Business.

Agilytics developed a simple prototype and versatile Real Estate Web App GIS tool which is backed up by live support.

Following requirements are fulfilled with the interactive GIS based web application: -

•Communicate assessment information with maps

•communicate data quickly and clearly

•express complex data simply and enhances understanding and comprehension

•self-contained summery of sites that the client needs or value

•presenting cause and effect insights in impactful ways

•summarized and interpretive conveying of statistical data

•Logically grouping of quantitative sales data and presenting them as structured information through charts/reports/maps.

•Escalating market knowledge with the location based data to help better-understand factors that drive growth for the business and uncovering hidden opportunities for a competitive advantage.

•Performing better market analysis with spatial analysis and powerful decision-making insight.

•With location-based data transforming the reports into data-driven decisions that expands marketing and site selections.

•Getting professional work of captivating maps, reports and interactive web portal which distinguish us from competition.

Interactive Web Application
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