Business Decisions aided by Location Intelligence

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

More and more retailers are relying on Location Intelligence based marketing. Location technology marketing has become a go-to-marketing tool for many mid and big size businesses.

Cost cutting and financially motivated decisions have prompted businesses to opt for minimalist marketing approaches. For these cost conscious enterprises, it helps in procuring functional insights regarding customer behavior. This is one exceedingly powerful solution that makes room for data driven strategies.

Location data plays a pivotal role in decision making. With reference to predictive intelligence for devising functional marketing strategies, #LocationIntelligence can play important role by:

  1. Getting insights from diverse caveats and helping the firms leverage the information with ease.

  2. Targeting area specific customers and prospects pertaining to a specific demographic.

  3. Helping marketers to take pro-active measures by pushing area specific retail.

Location Intelligence for Businesses

Location Analytics or Geo-analytics precisely includes dynamic, live, interactive i.e. intelligent maps. Agilytics ensures that these intelligent maps can be shared across all mobile platforms, while the control of the insights vests upon the owners, categorized depending upon their accessibility levels.

Talking about the practical scenarios where #LocationIntelligence may become the ultimate tool : -

  1. Online brokers can rely on Location Technology to gauge the efficacy of their approach and the most rewarding business prospects.

  2. Retail stores which are willing to go online, can leverage #LocationIntelligence to target localized customers with offers and services.

There is certainly a lot more to #LocationIntelligence than meets the eye. It includes better comprehension of predictive analytics, seamless decision making and better involvement with the #BusinessIntelligence tools.

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