An Agilytics Web Framework using GeoDjango

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

GeoDjango is a world-class geographic Web Framework. GeoDjango is a part of contrib module of Django. It is useful to create geographic web applications.

The framework is loosely coupled with high-level Python interfaces for GIS geometry and raster operations. It eases data manipulation in different formats.

It is simple to create geometry fields editing from the admin module.

GeoDjango also supplements the Django admin by allowing users to create and modify geometries on a JavaScript slippy map.

Let’s dive into some dirty coding work.

Create a file called inside a web application with the following code:

from django.contrib.gis import admin

from .models import WorldBorder, admin.GeoModelAdmin)

Edit the in the geodjango application folder as follows:

from django.contrib.gis import admin

from django.urls import include, path

urlpatterns = [



Create an admin user:

$ python createsuperuser

Start the Django development server:

$ python runserver

Now browse http://localhost:8000/admin/, and log in with the user created above. The geometries can be edited by clicking on a polygon and dragging the vertices to the desired position.


Write to for more details to build your web app in Python and Django.

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