Agilytics Commercial UAV Services For Energy and Utilities Industry

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The energy and utilities industries i.e. electric, gas, solar, water and wind utilities, are witnessing rapid technological advancements with IoT & AI, and now with UAVs as well. Drones are helping cut business risk by improving safe work environment and facilitating inspections that would traditionally be quite risky. For example, traditional inspection methods of asking a maintenance tech to climb powerlines or cell towers to assess damage can now easily be done safely by deploying a drone with the appropriate sensor. 

Outside of keeping employees safe, UAVs are helping cut operation and maintenance costs. Surveying several kilometers of pipeline or assessing large solar farms can take days or weeks by ground, but now aerial data allows businesses to efficiently locate issues and maintain documentation of their assets’ condition. 

Agilytics is a Drone Service Provider in Asia-Pacific region

 Outside of just saving time in identifying issues, utilizing this data allows companies to provide actionable intelligence to their field team to also increase the efficiency resolving these issues. UAVs are even helping revolutionize site selection by producing  high quality maps and models that can help construction managers with pre-construction operations and site planning. 

At Agilytics we are committed to work as DSP (Drone Service Provider). The service pricing model depends upon following factors:-

1. Location –What is the market rate for area of interest? 

2. Travel –Where is the job located and how far away is it from normal service area? 

3. Time –How much time is required to prepare for the job, collect the data/footage and conduct the post processing work to finalize the deliverable(s)? 

4. Incurred costs –What additional costs will be incurred to complete this project including insurance, software, equipment, etc? 

5. Value of Deliverables –How big is the value we are providing with the service and deliverables?

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